May is Bike Month


Grab your helmet and join the bike movement in May!

Play Bike Bingo!

Bike Month Bingo is a challenge to help YOU to pedal somewhere new or use your bike in a different way. Share a picture of you with your completed card on The League of American Bicyclists Twitter feed (@BikeLeague) and you could win a prize!

Get your Bingo card here.

Bike Safety Tips:

  1. Wear a helmet.
  2. Obey traffic laws and ride in the direction of traffic, on the right hand side, if you are riding in the street vs. a trail.
  3. Be predictable– signal, ride in a steady, straight line as much as possible
  4. Be visible– make sure your bicycle has reflectors, and lights are required for night riding in Pennsylvania.
  5. Stay alert to road surface and traffic conditions.  Hazards include: train tracks, storm grates, glass and gravel, potholes, open car doors, and turning vehicles, among numerous others. 
  6. Make sure your bicycle is in good working order.  See the League of American Bicyclists for details on how to check your bike before a ride.

For more information on bicycle safety, including laws specific to bicycling in Pennsylvania, check out AAA and Penn DOT

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