Family Members – Free
Members – $20
Non-members – $70
Member registration opens September 30, 2019
Non-member registration opens October 7, 2019




YMCA Story Time3-5Monday4:00-4:30pmCafé
YMCA Lego Club5-8Monday5:00-5:30pmCafé
Young Artists 9-12Monday6:00-6:30pmMultipurpose Room
Let’s Play w/ Play Dough3-5Tuesday4:00-4:30pmCafé
Kids Café5-8Tuesday5:00-5:30pmCafé
Kids Café 9-12Tuesday 6:00-6:30pmCafé
Can You Stack Um?5-8 Wednesday5:00-5:30pmCafé
B-I-N-G-O9-12Wednesday6:00-6:30pmMultipurpose Room
Messy Art3-5Wednesday4:00-4:30pmCafé
YMCA Zoo3-5Thursday4:00-4:30pmCafé
Slime Ya Later!5-8Thursday5:00-5:30pmCafé
Can You Code It?9-12Thursday6:00-6:30pmCafé
Young Builders3-5Saturday9:00-9:30amMultipurpose Room
What’s Puzzling You?5-8Saturday10:00-10:30amMultipurpose Room
Oh What a Maze!9-12Saturday11:00-11:30amMultipurpose Room
Jewelry Club9-12Saturday11:00-11:30amMultipurpose Room


Gymnastics3-5Monday4:00-4:30pmHenry Gym
Gymnastics 5-7Monday4:30-5:00pmHenry Gym
Gymnastics 8-12Monday5:00-5:30pmHenry Gym
Pickleball6-12Monday5:15-6:00pmHenry Gym
Let’s go for a ride3-5Tuesday4:00-4:30pmMiddle Gym
Cheerleading3-5Tuesday 4:00-4:30pmHenry Gym
Cheerleading 6-8 Tuesday4:30-5:00pmHenry Gym
Cheerleading 9-12Tuesday5:00-5:30pmHenry Gym
Nerf Mania9-12Tuesday6:00-6:45pmMiddle Gym
Imagination Playground3-5Wednesday4:00-4:30pmMiddle Gym
Tennis7-12Wednesday6:00-6:45pmMiddle Gym
Let’s scoot around3-5Thursday4:00-4:30pmMiddle Gym
Soccer5-8Thursday6:00-6:30pmMiddle Gym
Soccer9-12Thursday6:30-7:00pmMiddle Gym
Kids Yoga3-5Saturday9:30-10:00amMiddle Gym
Y Fitness5-8Saturday10:30-11:00amMiddle Gym
Y Fitness9-12Staurday11:30am – 12:00pmMiddle Gym


Kids Café – Basic hands-on cooking recipes that are fun, easy and ready to eat!

Messy Art – Your little ones will enjoy getting messy with finger paints and watercolors and you don’t have to worry about the cleanup! Kids will enjoy a half hour of fun-filled art and crafts related activities that will have them exploring their messy side!

YMCA Story Time – Kids will enjoy a half hour of learning all about the chosen author of the month! The kids will enjoy hearing the author’s stories and meet the characters!

Young Builders – Kids will enjoy building with duplo blocks, foam blocks, wooden blocks and cups!

Slime Ya Later! – Each week kids will enjoy making ooey gooey slime in all different colors and textures!

What’s Puzzling You? – Our youth will enjoy putting their brains to the test as they try to complete all different types of puzzles!

Can You Code It? -Each week youth will learn how to code using Ozobots!

Oh What A Maze! – Each week youth will create different mazes using all different types of materials!

Jewelry Club -Kids will learn how to make friendship bracelets, necklaces and bracelets!

YMCA Lego Club! – Kids will create and build all types of lego structures!

Let’s Play with Play Dough! – Our 3-5 will have fun playing with play dough and cookie cutters to create their own fun!

Young Artists – Kids will enjoy creating beautiful canvases using different types of materials!

Nerf Mania! – Kids will enjoy having nerf wars in the gym and creating forts with the imaginations playground!

Welcome to the YMCA Zoo! – Our 3-5 will enjoy playing and learning all about the different animals they’ll find at the zoo!

B-I-N-G-O –  Calling all bingo players! Join us for some friendly completion in bingo. Players will even win some prizes!

Can You Stack’ Um?- Youth will enjoy learning how to stack cups into different patterns while beating the clock!


QUESTIONS: Contact Ashlee Rittenhouse, Youth Director. Phone: (570) 970-5039


The Wilkes-Barre Family YMCA is now offering FREE tutoring for children on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:00pm-7:00pm from September through May. This service is provided by students from Wilkes University. Call 570-970-5041 for more information. ​

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