Fall 2020 programs are virtual. Our programming staff have created and uploaded videos for each program of your choice. To view these videos,
please visit

Videos will be uploaded on a specific day and time according to the age group of the child. Each program will be listed under the appropriate playlist so keep an eye out for new videos each week! If you have any questions, please email Ashlee Rittenhouse at or call 570-970-5039.

Please provide us with your feedback as this is our first time doing virtual programs.

Post photos of your child on our Wilkes-Barre Family YMCA Facebook
page or tag to tag us on Instagram (@wilkes_barrefamilyymca) using #YouthDevelopment #wbymca. A random photo will be chosen at the end of the session for a prize! Thank you so much for doing these programs with us.



Kids Café – Basic hands-on cooking recipes that are fun, easy and ready to eat!

YMCA Zoo-  Toddlers will enjoy playing and learning all about the different animals you will find at the zoo! 

Story Time– The kids will enjoy hearing  their favorite stories read to them by our Youth staff! 

Snazzy Science- Join us as we explore all things science! Each week youth will take part in a different project to develop a love and understanding for science!

Slime Ya Later!- Each week kids will enjoy making ooey gooy slime in all different colors and textures!

Playdough Design- Our three to five year old’s will have fun playing with play dough and cookie cutters to create their own fun!

Messy Art-Your little ones will enjoy getting messy with finger paints and water colors and you don’t have to worry about the cleanup! Kids will enjoy a half hour of fun filled art and crafts related activities that will have them exploring their messy side!

Lego Club- Kids will create and build all types of Lego structures!

Kids Cafe- Basic hands-on cooking recipes that are fun, easy and ready to eat!

Cool Math Club- Kids will use their math skills to complete some cool math challenges while having fun!

Cars and Trucks Oh My!– Youth will enjoy playing with cars and trucks while creating their own tracks out of different materials!


Hula Hoopin- Join us as we hoop our way through some fun songs and hula hoop games!

Kickball– Join as we take a virtual spin on Kickball! Kids will enjoy learning new kicking techniques and much more!

Football- Join as we take a virtual spin on Football! Kids will enjoy learning football techniques and much more! 

Jump Rope- Join as we take a virtual spin on Jump Rope!  Kids will enjoy learning different ways to Jump Rope and much more!

Chalk It Up!-Join as we take a virtual spin on Chalking It Up! Kids will enjoy learning different things to do outside while using chalk and much more!  


QUESTIONS: Contact Ashlee Rittenhouse, Youth Director. Phone: (570) 970-5039


The Wilkes-Barre Family YMCA is now offering FREE tutoring for children on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:00pm-7:00pm from September through May. This service is provided by students from Wilkes University. Call 570-970-5041 for more information. ​

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